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Wrocław and its greatest attractions now at your hand!

Stay longer in the capital of Lower Silesia, feel the ambience of Wrocław.

Wrocław is a modern city, but with a deep history. Here you will find entertainment for everyone, regardless of age and preferences. It is a city filled with delightful monuments as well as places of culture and art galleries. For the youngest, we have prepared an offer in the form of the zoo or the railway mock-up.

Our About Art Apartments have an attractive location – not far from Wrocław’s wide cultural and tourist accommodation. There is no problem reaching most places on foot, and if necessary – you can easily use public and private transport like trams, buses, taxis, Uber or even rickshaws.

The Market Square and Town Hall in Wroclaw

The heart of the city and at the same time a place where you can find many different attractions, enjoy delicious cuisine and shop. Depending on your choice, the Wrocław Market Square is less than a kilometre from our suites. It covers almost 3.8 hectares and thus belongs to the largest former market squares in Poland. Around the market there stand beautiful, historic tenement houses, as well as the town hall with a 66-meter tower in the Late Gothic style. Operating in the underground of the town hall is the Świdnicka Basement – one of the oldest gastronomic establishments in Europe.

The Old Town Hall in Wrocław is unique on a European scale – it is a monument of secular Gothic architecture. It was built intermittently for 2.5 centuries, from the end of the 13th century till the 16th century. In the past, it served as the seat of the city authorities and the Wrocław judiciary. The oldest part of the town hall – the consistorium, or a place of gathering, was established around 1299. During your stay in our suites, it is worth visiting the market square and admiring its structures there. It is also an opportunity to take advantage of the rich gastronomic offer of numerous venues that operate in the market.

A visit to the animals

A very interesting attraction for the youngest is the Wroclaw zoo. However, it offers something more than just standard animal boxes, a view of catwalks and themed pavilions. It is also the place where the Africarium was built.

The Wroclaw Zoo is the oldest zoo in Poland. There live 14 thousand animals that are representatives of over 1100 species. A visit to the zoo should be your must-see point in the capital of Lower Silesia. The garden was founded as early as 1865. Originally, it occupied only a dozen or so hectares – today it is 33 hectares. A huge pavilion, or the Africarium was built for this purpose, which is the only oceanarium in the world devoted exclusively to the fauna of Africa. The Africarium is divided into several ecosystems:

  • Red Sea,
  • Red Sea beach,
  • Mozambique Channel,
  • East Africa,
  • Namibian Coast,
  • Jungle on the Congo River.

You cannot be bored here. You can spend time admiring hundreds of animal species and sometimes observing them from a short distance.

Hydropolis – the secrets of water

After a visit to the Africarium, you can continue to enjoy the water theme and visit the water knowledge centre, or the Hydropolis. It’s a fascinating place where a phenomenal presentation on water was created.

It combines educational values with a modern exhibition form. It discovers processes in which water has its share. It is an attraction for people of all ages, and the Hydropolis itself occupies the former clean water tank, which was built in 1893.

Ostrów Tumski with all attractions

About 1.5 km from our suites is a charming part of the city, and one of its most recognisable attractions, which is Ostrów Tumski. This is the oldest part of Wrocław where archaeologists have discovered the remains of the first settlement of the 10th century. For centuries these areas were subject to church authority. Today it is an ideal place for strollers and tourists.

Over 1000 years ago, Ostrów Tumski was an island at the mouth of Oława to the Oder. In the 13th century a castle with an internal chapel was built in Ostrów. Only the chapel has survived to this day – it is a monumental building in the area of today’s St. Martin Street in the form of a Gothic church of the same saint. Ostrów ceased to be an island in 1807, when the arm of the Odra River was buried. The oldest building there is the late Romanesque church of Saint Giles of the 13th century. There is also a Gothic cathedral dedicated to John the Baptist. It is called the “mother of churches” in Lower Silesia.

On top of that, the following deserve the attention of visitors to Ostrów Tumski

  • 13th century Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew,
  • St. John of Nepomuk Monument,
  • Archbishop’s Palace,
  • Dumpling Gate,
  • Tumski Bridge – connecting the Sand Island and Ostrów,
  • Archdiocesan Museum.

On the mentioned Tumski Bridge, lovers have been hanging their padlocks for years to symbolise the durability of their love.

In the footsteps of Wroclaw’s Dwarfs

Wroclaw’s Dwarfs are one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions and they can be found in many different places.

There are about 300 of them, and the most important include: Krasnal Piernikarz, Wrocławiak (Ostrów Tumski), Wentyl – Krasnal Motocyklista, Życzliwek, Żaczek, Zikusia, Zgryzek, Wytrwałek, Wypłatnik, Wykształciuch, WspółCzesio, WrocLovek, Wrocklik, Wroc-ek, Wrati and Slawi or Wolontarek.

A bit of culture – the Polish Theatre in Wroclaw

The Polish Theatre in Wrocław is a cultural institution organised by local government and was founded in 1949 as the Lower Silesian National Theatre. It consists of three stages: the Chamber Stage at Świdnicka 28 Street, the Stage on Świebodzki (Wrocław Świebodzki) and the Jerzy Grzegorzewski stage located in the head office at Zapolska 3 Street. The building of the Polish Theatre was built in 1892.

These are just one of many attractions that can be found in Wroclaw. During your stay in this city, in our suites, you can conveniently visit the attractions of your interest.


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