About Art Apartments

The suites at About Art Apartments, which we offer to our clients, provide comfort and a sense of privacy, while being fully equipped.

The high quality of our services is certainly their advantage.

Of particular note are the About Art Apartments Premium suites – stylish, with high-quality interiors, some with large terraces, where you can relax and experience the atmosphere of a beautiful city that Wrocław actually is.

The location of the suites on different streets around the Centre and Old Market allows to easily reach many interesting places – on foot or via various means of communication.

What else do we offer in About Art Apartments?

Suite amenities

The About Art Apartments facilities provide a seating and sleeping area, as well as a fully equipped kitchenette and a bathroom. In the seating area there is usually a sofa and a flat-screen TV equipped with cable channels, as well as a large table with chairs – noteworthy is the innovative seating area of our suites, which makes these interiors simply luxurious.

Very often from the living room of the suite you can go out to the balcony or terrace, where our clients can enjoy the view of, for example, the Oder River and beautiful buildings and the famous monuments of Wroclaw. There are also comfortable sofas, couches and sun loungers, hanging chairs and tables, allowing you to enjoy, for example, breakfast with a view of Wroclaw.

The bedrooms have double or single beds, depending on the selection. We provide bed linen, towels as well as duvets and pillows. You can use the bathroom to take a shower or enjoy a bath in the bath tub, there is also a hair dryer and washing machine at your disposal.

There is no problem for our guests to prepare meals in the comfort of our suites. The kitchens or kitchenettes are equipped with a stove, dishwasher, fridge, oven, kettle, and even an espresso maker and full tableware. You can feel at home. We have arranged all the interiors of the suites in a tasteful and modern manner, but with a touch of classic inspiration. In some cases, we provide our guests with a pool table, which is part of the About Art Apartments equipment.

Parking and transfers

About Art Apartments offers free parking. On top of that, we can offer an airport transfer for an additional fee. We would like to remind you that the nearest airport is the Wrocław-Strachowice port, located several kilometres from our facilities.

An offer for everyone

The comprehensive equipment of the About Art Apartments suites means that they can be inhabited by singles, couples traveling to Wrocław, tourists arriving with their children, as well as businessmen. Our suites are ideal for families as well as for business trips. We also have special provisions for disabled people.

Breakfast at the venue

The added value in the About Art Apartments offer is the convenience of ordering breakfast – we serve it every day to our guests. There is a menu, so anyone can choose what they like.

Access to Wi-Fi

Many of our guests cannot imagine the lack of Internet access. We are aware of this, which is why we offer access to Wi-Fi in our suites.

Multilingual service

The native language of the About Art Apartments service is Polish, but we also speak fluent English and German.

Bike rental

To make it easier for our guests to admire Wroclaw, we can rent bikes. Bicycle tours are a good way for active leisure activities in the city.


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