About Art Apartments

About Art Apartments are the perfect place where you can stay during your visit to Wroclaw.

We have experience in renting accommodation for various groups of clients, both tourists and representatives of the broadly understood business world.

We provide all people who, for different purposes and for various reasons visit the capital of Lower Silesia, top-quality, luxurious accommodation in fully arranged suites. We have attractive accommodation in the strict centre of Wroclaw. Such a convenient location is conducive to sightseeing and using the attractions offered by Wrocław, even without having to use your own car or public transport.
Near Odra, we offer luxuriously arranged and equipped DeLuxe suites that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. They will make every visit to Wroclaw an unforgettable, positive experience.

Relaxation during your stay in our suites will be ensured not only comfortable lounges, but also terraces, often with a beautiful view, of which a good example is a 40-meter corner terrace with a panorama of the river. The suites are located within a few minutes’ walk of the Wroclaw Market Square. They are easy to access, not only by car, which is the advantage of our offer.

At About Art Apartments, we care about providing our clients with the highest quality services and suites with comprehensive equipment. All for your comfort. Our suites are distinguished by a competitive price, high standard and a large selection of accessories. We are doing our best efforts to make your stay in our suites a pleasant experience that you will gladly share with your friends on your return. We are proud that you decided to use one of our suites in Wrocław.

Our many years of experience have enabled us to tailor the offer to the expectations of our guests. We provide comprehensive information about our offer as well as about Wrocław, making it easier for our clients to plan their stay.


+48 690 477 262

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